We are open for in person worship.

Join us in person on Sunday mornings. 8:00 is our traditional service with the hymnal.
10: 30 is our blended service; a liturgical service with worship & praise songs.

A livestream is available online as well. Click on the online tab above for more options. 

Drive in communion is available for those who are not ready to return to in-person worship. Check the announcements page for more information.   

"COURAGEOUS HEROES OF THE FAITH" — Would you like to have more courage in your faith? Come and join us for a Bible Study from 9:30--10:15 AM. We will study the lives of 6 courageous people and learn from the Bible how their courage can be brought to our lives. We will meet in the parlor. We would love to see you there! 

"THE PARABLES OF JESUS" — Why did Jesus teach in parables? What do they mean for us? Are they still applicable to our lives today?  Come and join us in the parlor each Thursday at 10am as we dig into Jesus' favorite way to teach.

Confirmation classes for 6th grade are held twice a month on Sundays during Bible Study time. 7th & 8th graders meet Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings. See Pastor Appold to sign your child up for Confirmation classes.