We are open for in person worship.

Join us in person on Sunday mornings. 8:00 is our traditional service with the hymnal.
10: 30 is our blended service; a liturgical service with worship & praise songs.

A livestream is available online as well. Click on the online tab above for more options. 

Drive in communion is available for those who are not ready to return to in-person worship. Check the announcements page for more information.   

THE WORD BECAME FLESH —  Come and join us in person for a new Bible study on the Gospel of John. Sunday mornings in the parlor, beginning November 28th from 9:30-10:15. This study will coincide with our Advent/Christmas series for this year. Please come and join us!  Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 204 576 0929 Passcode: Trinity

AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS! — A new Adult Bible Study began on Tuesday, September 28 from 6:30—7:30 PM in the parlor. This class will study the lives of six key Bible characters, including Joseph, Job, and Paul to see how God brought glory out of the suffering in their lives. This will also help us to see how God will help us through the sufferings we face in life. This class will be led by Pastor Appold. Join us in person or on Zoom, Meeting ID: 204 576 0929 Passcode: Trinity

COLOSSIANS IN ALL THINGS — This new Bible study will look at the beautiful letter of Colossians which reminds us again and again that it is Christ who is holding all things together. This Bible Study begins on December 2nd and regularly meets on Thursdays, from 10-11 AM in the parlor.  All are welcome! Join us in person or on Zoom, Meeting ID: 204 576 0929 Passcode: Trinity

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF THE BIBLE — We will be studying Biblical words and phrases that will enrich our understanding of God’s Word. Through this study you will be able to reflect on how God’s Word is speaking to you from within its own cultural perspective and to guide you in how we are to live in Christ. Led by Pastor Lassanske this study began meeting Thursday, September 30 from 7-8 PM

Confirmation classes for 6th grade are held twice a month on Sundays during Bible Study time. 7th & 8th graders meet Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings. See Pastor Appold to sign your child up for Confirmation classes.